Saturday, August 29, 2009

Knowledge is Key in a Changing World

Too long western nations have persisted in Aid models that kept many developing nations totally dependent. As an economist and investment consultant specializing in Emerging Markets, it has always struck me that these nations were not just ambitious in terms of where they want to go, but also quite certain about how they want to get there.

Education and knowledge transfer are the key. On many occasions - when visiting one of these countries - I was asked if I were interested in a visiting scholarship. I did teach in Turkey for a semester in the 1990s and believe that I should try to be more open to it again. Even a good friend working for the World Bank indicated that they do also have a special desk that provides educational solutions next to the standard financial services that they provide.

The world is changing and Education is Key.

It struck me that there have been many efforts to find out what the good universities in the world are. However, these lists are always dominated by schools in the USA, UK and other developed nations. Just a few universities from developing countries make it to those lists. Unfortunately for those countries, because

a) higher level education will be one of the crucial success factors; and
b) we believe that the available lists do to some extent discriminate against schools from developing countries.

We did therefore take the decision to create our own research at Lodewijk Meijer Group. Our list contains almost 1,200 schools from about 135 developing countries. The ranking that we create consists for 50 percent of rankings generated elsewhere by various specialists and it is for 50 percent based on our own research.

We hope that it will provide a useful tool for students from all countries in the world, not just those in Emerging Markets. The world is changing and if you acknowledge that China, India and others will be the growth stories in the next 10-20 years then why not follow what is going on in those countries? Why always go for the Harvard's of this world, when there are maybe other options available that you never thought of!

Although our list focuses solely on schools from developing countries, we did of course compare the scores of the top-100 with those in the developed world. Our top schools are 'good' by all standards with the absolute top being 'true world class', with Noble Prize Laureates as faculty members!
Students, professors, scholars, international organizations and firms that want research to be done at reasonable prices should consider these universities as a more than reasonable alternative. The interaction will be beneficial for all.

We at Lodewijk Meijer Group believe that knowledge transfer will be the key to Emerging Market development. Not cheap labor and foreign aid. That is why we chose 'Applied Knowledge for a Changing World' as tag line for the Lodewijk Meijer Institute, our educational affiliate.
In this blog we will present those top-universities from Emerging Markets. Keep track of changes in the ranking and - of course - whenever you have questions about the list or want advice, feel free to contact us.

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